SICLD Intro Video


Sankofa Musical Jingle

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing unique programming for youth and adults that supports and sustains their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and development. Current programming is offered through our Sankofa Community Cultural Center. Our Sankofa Cultural & Literacy School is on the horizon for the future.


Exploring identity and how to shape ourselves into wholesome beings through unique teachings and practices that foster fortitude.

Character Development

Fostering care, compassion, respect for self and others; and bolstering inner traits and behaviors that support accountability, individual, and group success.


Nurturing self-management and focus for the betterment of one’s self and community.

Cultural Awareness

Exploring and learning lessons from ancient, historical, and contemporary cultures, and from the values, actions, and practices our ancestors instituted to maintain innovation and legacy.


Recognizing our ability to accomplish all that we will and persevere to accomplish; taking initiative, and expanding the notion of achievable possibilities.